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Key features

Built for your events, improve your workflow, work with your team and reach your goals.

Public Event Landing Page

No website required

Save cost and time from building an event website.

Personalised event page

No coding required. Create and upload your event content and your event registration can go live in just a few hours.

Modern Registration

Mobile responsive

Different devices, same registration. Enable your participants to register across any devices easily.

No participant account needed

Check out as a guest fast and easy. There is even no need for a participant to log-in or create an account.

Event Control Centre

All your events at a single glance

Tired of multiple sign-ins? With a single login, you can now manage all your events with our user-friendly dashboard interface and see how they are performing instantly.

Organise your participants data

View, retrieve or manage participants data across your events seamlessly without getting lost.

Category and Period Segmentation

Flexible individual and team categories

Need to create complex multiple individual or team event categories? Our intuitive category management module allows you to create flexible categories that suit any permutation you can think of.

Periodic fee segmentation

Create different pricing models for each category during different periods of your registration to promote your event. Set and see the magic happens.

Coupon Code

Create amount or percentage discounts

Promote your event with attractive discounts. Set it as a fixed amount or price percentage. Limit the redemption cap and lifespan. It's all up to you.

Auto-generate, import and export discount codes

Are you tied-up with third parties that already have discount codes or need to generate discount codes on the fly? We make it easy for you to create, manage, as well as track all your discount codes and usage in one place.

Report & Analytics

Data insight with graphs and charts

Business intelligence is built on the foundation of data. Make sense of your library of data through our smart analytic algorithms that streamline the most critical figures and plan for your next event.

Analyse and measure your registration performace

Analyse, track and measure sign-ups along with post-event satisfaction through our interactive reporting suite. It helps you set quantitative goals and track them using the right metrics, providing you with accurate information to make well-informed business decisions.

Participant Self Service

Empower your participants to take control

It's very common that participants need to update their particulars or change of t-shirt sizing. We make it easy for them to do it themselves securely without logging into any account.

Free up your time from repetitive support

Your participants can read our informative guide to assist them in changing of race pack item sizing, download confirmation slip or retrieve receipt without the need of your help.

Integrated Merchandise

Sell additional merchandise for your event

Add products that you want to sell when a participant registers for your event. Be it your own merchandise or products from your sponsors, you can upload them all.

Manage and track your product inventory

Creating different merchandise promotions for different race categories can be tough. We make it easy for you to assign and track the performance of each product.

Participant Management

Participant profile

Get to know each of your participants. Be able to track, engage and solicit their support like you never thought possible.

Search and filter

Looking for a participant or list of records? Search by email, registration id, mobile number, etc or filter by dates and types to drill down the list of participants you are looking for.

Entitlement Inventory Management

Create, assign and manage different race pack items

Have different race pack items for different categories? Our race pack inventory management system helps you assign the right race pack item to the right category.

Monitor and forecast your inventory

Worry about your inventory forecast? We provide clear analysis to help you avoid any surprises and stay one step ahead.

Customisable Forms & Fields

Different races, different forms

We understand every event is unique with the need to solicit different types of information. Add new fields to the registration forms for each race with our easy field selection platform.

Data systematisation and presentation

Gathering the right data is one challenge. Sorting it is another. Regardless how customised your forms are, we have made our system smart enough to present them in a manner that’s easy on both the eyes and brain.

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